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Introducing Wix Studio, the ultimate platform for agencies and enterprises. This flexible, end-to-end solution includes smart design capabilities and flexible dev tools that let you deliver exceptional results for clients in any industry.
Wix Studio comes with a comprehensive suite of tools to simplify your workflow, including a centralized workspace to efficiently manage all your sites, your reusable assets, your team, subscriptions, domains and more. It also includes the advanced Studio Editor, which has next-gen design functionalities such as responsive AI and open platform capabilities, so that you can deliver exceptional sites that will exceed your clients' vision.
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Access multiple workspaces

Wix Studio has a brand new workspace with everything you need to create and manage hundreds of sites, different teams, multiple premium subscriptions, and more.
You can belong to multiple workspaces using the same account email address, and switch between them easily. For example, if you have your own business but are also working for another agency, you can have one workspace where you manage your business sites, and also belong to the agency's workspace. 
You can access the sites in each workspace from the Sites page. Find a specific site using advanced filters such as Editor type, Premium plans and publish status. You can also view and manage all of your workspace subscriptions in one place. Any subscriptions that need your urgent attention will be highlighted at the top for your convenience. 
Your workspace is also filled with useful information to help you grow your business. From the Discover page you can stay ahead of the curve with access to new releases, product updates, exciting product betas, and an insightful roadmap for all upcoming Wix features. 

Manage your team in one place

Wix Studio offers a collaborative environment designed to support your entire workflow. Invite your teammates to join your workspace, enabling seamless teamwork on your projects.
As a team owner, you have the flexibility to customize roles and permissions for each teammate within the workspace and for specific sites. This personalized approach ensures that every teammate gets a tailored experience according to their expertise, and can focus on their specific tasks.
For example, you might want to give a website designer in your team permission to access the Studio Editor of every site in the workspace so that they can create and update them, and give a marketing expert permission to access only the dashboard of certain sites that you are promoting for clients.

Collaborate with others

When working on sites, you can work with your teammates, or collaborate with external people such as freelancers and clients. Choose the role and permissions for each collaborator, so that they can only perform actions according to their expertise. 
If there's several people working on a site in the Studio Editor at the same time, they can create together on the canvas in real-time with concurrent editing. For example, a designer, writer and developer can all be working on a site together and see each other’s changes instantly. 
A screenshot of the avatars at the top of the Editor, showing who else is working on the site at the same time
Anyone working on a site can leave comments on the canvas, tag others, and attach comments to specific elements for context. This means teams don’t need to leave the canvas to share feedback or ideas and the comments are in context, making communication more efficient. It's also a great way for your clients to give you feedback on their site so you can track and resolve any issues they raise.

You can also create design libraries including typography themes, color palettes and design assets that can be used by your team. This keeps your team's projects consistent and saves your teammates valuable time.
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Set specific permissions for your clients to define what they can and can't do on their site. If you want, you can prevent your clients from touching the design of their site at all, or give them access only to the Content Mode.

Get creative with the Studio Editor

Unleash your creativity with our new Wix Studio Editor, designed to let you build captivating sites intuitively. Our new creation flows revolutionize the way you create sites, making the process easier and more efficient than ever before.
Enjoy the familiarity of building on a visual canvas with smooth drag and drop, and let the out-of-the-box tools deal with more complex design logic. As with any new platform, there will be a short learning curve, so we recommend that you check out Wix Studio Academy to get started, but we'll provide you with everything you need to onboard and become an expert.
The Studio Editor is a reliable and stable tool, ensuring seamless live site performance that allows you to create beautiful websites with confidence. Below are some of the new features:
Learn how to use Wix Studio:

Create reusable assets

Wix Studio's reusable assets let you create, reuse, and share sections, custom templates, and widgets across your projects, making your workflow more efficient and versatile.
Design libraries: Create your own custom assets, such as designed sections, typography themes and color palettes to make your design process more efficient. You can store them in a design library and reuse whenever needed, whether it's on another page, or on a different Studio Editor site in your workspace. Your team can also access your design libraries too! This keeps your team's projects consistent and saves your teammates valuable time. 
Custom templates: Once you create a site, you can easily transform it into a reusable template. This means that everyone in your agency can leverage the template across all the sites they are building, saving time and ensuring consistency in design and functionality. 
Reusable apps and widgets: Use Wix Blocks to create custom apps and widgets which you can reuse on other sites. Easily share your apps with others, including teammates and partners, who can install them on their sites too. To unlock additional revenue stream, you can even sell your creations in the Wix App Market.
You can build and manage all your custom apps and widgets directly from the Wix Studio workspace. 

Manage your client relationships

With Wix Studio, you can manage client relationships through enhanced onboarding and monthly reports.

Client kits

Once your client's site is ready, create a welcoming and seamless handover experience with a Client Kit. Offer clear instructions on how to navigate the workspace and site, providing a seamless, enjoyable journey for everyone involved. You can include Wix Studio resources or upload your own videos and documents, depending on your clients' unique needs. 

Client reports

Additionally, you can send your clients monthly automated emails on their site’s performance. These analytics-based emails with sections for eCommerce, Bookings and Blog data, have valuable insights that can help keep your clients on track for success—and allow you to upsell your services. You can customize the template's theme, font, subject line and opening message. Once activated, a report with personalized data sections is automatically sent to selected recipients on a monthly basis. 

Access your Customer Care log

With a dedicated section in your workspace that allows you to view your entire Customer Care history log, you can track previous interactions and issues raised by anyone in your team. 

See a comprehensive overview of their statuses and resolutions, and use the log to conveniently find answers and solutions from past discussions.
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Manage projects on the go

We've launched a brand new mobile app for Wix Studio, designed to help you stay in control while on the move. 

From the Studio mobile app, you can manage your agency’s site, projects and clients, respond to Wix Marketplace leads, message your contacts and get paid. You can also easily manage your clients' sites, reach out to Customer Care and get updates on your tickets' status. 

Plus, you can view and switch between workspaces in your account, so you can stay on top of every project. This new app gives you all the capabilities of the Wix Owner app—and more. 

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