Studio Editor: Collaborating on a Site

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In the Studio Editor, your team can design powerful sites together in real time, while staying aligned and connected.
In this article, read all about the features that help streamline the process while avoiding any overlaps between teammates and collaborators.

Edit a site together

The Studio Editor is a collaborative real-time platform that lets users work simultaneously on the same site. You can edit the layout, design and content of pages or elements without overriding people's actions.
A screenshot showing 3 avatars at the top of the Editor, meaning 3 people working on the same site simultaneously
Changes made by other users appear in the Studio Editor within seconds. You can also see who's working on each element or page. This minimizes conflicts and allows you to collaborate efficiently with team members and site collaborators.  
A screenshot showing another teammate selecting an element and how it looks in your Editor
Start collaborating:
You can invite people to join your site directly from the Studio Editor. 
  1. Click the Wix Studio icon  at the top left.
  2. Hover over Site, then hover over Team Work.
  3. Click Invite People to Collaborate.

Manage people's access level on this site

When inviting people to help edit a site, you can limit their editing permissions based on the areas they should handle. The Editor is automatically adjusted to each person's role so any unauthorized action is either hidden or disabled.
An example of an option that is grayed out and the message that appears, when hovering over an unauthorized action
On top of the role you choose for someone, you can also restrict the pages and global sections they're allowed to edit
The Page Editing Permissions panel, showing some people can't access any pages, some only certain pages, etc.
This action is only available if you're the site owner or co-owner. 

Use comments to stay in sync

Use the Comments panel to streamline your team's communication and keep it organized in one place. Every site page has its own comments panel so that the comments are page-specific. The comment can be general or related to an element you choose. 
Make your comment more detailed by formatting your text and adding lists, images and files. You can also tag specific people who should see and address your comment, so they're automatically notified. 
A screenshot of the comments panel, showing a comment referring to the entire page and another related to a specific element
You should know:
It is only possible for 1 collaborator to edit a site's code in Dev mode at a single time. Any additional collaborators in this mode at the same time will have read-only permissions for coding. However, additional collaborators can edit the site design and content as normal.

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