Wix Studio: Switching to the Wix Studio Platform

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Wix Studio is the ultimate platform for agencies and enterprises, offering a seamless solution to elevate your projects. With its smart design capabilities and flexible dev tools, you can deliver exceptional results for clients in any industry.

Effortlessly manage multiple projects from our intuitive workspace, unleash your creativity with our advanced Studio Editor, and access a comprehensive set of tools tailored to your specific needs. From inception to execution, Wix Studio provides the seamless experience required to create exceptional sites and exceed client expectations.
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Switching to Wix Studio

Switching to Wix Studio means moving to our new Wix Studio workspace, where you can manage all of your sites and projects in a centralized place and use our advanced Studio Editor to build sites.

There are 3 ways to join Wix Studio. You can join directly from your account, from the Studio homepage, or by being invited to join a team that's already using Wix Studio.
Your existing sites will not be migrated to the Studio Editor when you switch over.

Joining via your account

If you are already using Wix, you will discover multiple entry points inviting you to switch, including through the Sites page, your site's dashboard and account profile, and the Wix templates page.
A screenshot of an entry point to try Wix Studio in your account profile and Wix templates page.

Joining via Wix Studio

Sign up to Wix Studio from the Wix Studio homepage.

To join via Wix Studio:

  1. Go to wix.com/studio.
  2. Click Start creating
  3. Log in with your Wix credentials.
  4. Click Try Wix Studio to switch to the new platform. 
A screenshot of the Wix Studio home page.

Joining via a team invitation

You can also join Wix Studio via an invitation to join a team. If invited to a Wix Studio team, you will receive an email. Click to accept the invite, log in, and you will land in your team's Wix Studio workspace.
An invitation email sent to join a team in Wix Studio.
What's next?
After switching to to Wix Studio, you'll land in the Discover page of your new workspace where you can find all the educational resources you need to get started.


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