Wix Studio: About the Discover Page

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Welcome to the Discover page in Wix Studio, a hub of exploration and learning. It's your ultimate destination for inspiration and education related to Wix Studio and the Studio Editor.
A screenshot showing the Discovery page in Wix Studio.
The Discover page includes interactive Sandboxes, that provide an engaging space where you can practice and experiment with the functionalities of the Studio Editor, along with a wealth of video tutorials to help you become more proficient in Wix Studio.

Stay in the loop with the latest features and releases, ensuring your websites are always up-to-date, access betas, and immerse yourself in the vibrant Studio community, where you can discover what others are saying and draw inspiration from the incredible sites they have built.
Learn more about the different sections of the Discover page below.

Explore Wix Studio tutorials

Unlock the full potential of the Wix Studio with our comprehensive video tutorials. 

The tutorials are designed to guide you through the process of using the workspace and the Studio Editor's advanced features, empowering you to create beautiful sites with ease. From design techniques to optimizing functionality, our video tutorials offer valuable insights and step-by-step instructions, ensuring you make the most of the Studio's impressive capabilities.
A screenshot showing the video tutorials section in the Discovery page.

Play around with the Studio Editor

Welcome to the Wix Studio Sandboxes, where you can fully explore the features of the Studio Editor. This hands-on experience teaches you how to become proficient with the Studio Editor, unlocking your creative potential, and gaining a deep understanding of its functionality. 

Whether you're new to Wix or aiming to enhance your skills, these interactive spaces are designed to familiarize you with the latest features and maximize your understanding of the Editor's capabilities. Through practical exercises, you'll gain the confidence to create unique websites that truly reflect your vision.
A screenshot showing the Sandbox section in the Discovery page.

Follow the latest updates

Stay in the loop and be at the forefront of innovation with all the latest in Wix Studio. Keep up to date with the latest Studio events and exciting feature releases. 

Stay informed about the roadmap, betas, events, and additions to Wix Studio and be the first to explore them, ensuring your sites remain fresh, dynamic, and aligned with the latest trends. 
A screenshot showing the updates section in the Discovery page.
You can also access the News Center by clicking the News Center icon  at the top of your workspace, then View All.

Explore Wix Studio sites

Get inspired and explore sites built with Wix Studio. See the incredible site designs and functionalities created by others. With the new Studio Editor, you can unleash your creativity and embark on your unique website creation journey. 
A screenshot showing the Made with Wix Studio section in the Discovery page.

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