Choosing a Studio Plan

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Use all the advanced features of Wix Studio to build your clients' sites. These include access to multiple workspaces, the state-of-the-art Studio Editor and all the additional features to help your team, agency and projects run smoothly.
To upgrade any sites you have built in Wix Studio, you need to purchase a Wix Studio plan. Wix Studio plans offer many benefits including the removal of Wix Studio branding, SEO and marketing tools, enterprise-grade security, a custom domain, and much more. 
If you have not joined Wix Studio yet and you want to see the pricing of the Wix Studio plans, log out of your account and view the plans in incognito mode.
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Wix Studio plan options

Browse the options below to get an overview of each Studio plan and to see which package is best suited to your client's site.


Basic is ideal for establishing an online brand presence. It includes all the fundamentals, plus 10GB media storage, 3 external site collaborators and 1,500 CMS items. Sites on this plan cannot accept payments.


Standard is the perfect solution for small businesses that accept payments—a must for clients with eCommerce, Subscriptions, Bookings or Events sites. It includes 50GB media storage, 5 external site collaborators and 4,000 CMS items. Sites on this plan, and upwards, can add a POS integration to take payments in-person.


Plus is best for medium and large businesses that need to accept payments and require a wider range of capabilities than the Standard plan. It includes 120GB media storage, 10 external site collaborators and 10,000 CMS items.


Elite is best suited to growing businesses looking to scale up. There's unlimited media storage, 100,000 CMS items and dedicated data infrastructure. Plus, a custom analytics reports and up to 10 external site collaborators.


Enterprise is for large-scale businesses requiring agility and the ability to scale. Sites get all premium features, as well as unlimited site collaborators, a custom CMS quota, multi-site management, centralized billing, single sign-on (SSO) and a dedicated account manager.

Visit the Wix Studio plans page to read more about our plan offerings in detail and to choose the right plan for your client's requirements.
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