Wix Studio: Creating a Client Kit

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Enhance your client handover process with Wix Studio's personalized client kits. This feature allows you to create comprehensive and personalized kits for your Wix Studio sites, ensuring your clients have everything they need for a successful transition.

Include essential training materials, tutorial videos, relevant attachments, and your contact details in the client kit to empower your clients and strengthen your professional relationship. Your clients will have everything they need for a successful transition in one convenient location.
You can only add client kits to Wix Studio sites.
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Creating a client kit

Create your personalized client kit and invite your client to their site. Prepare all the resources you want to share with your client to have them readily available. 
Once you invite your client to collaborate on the Wix Studio site you have built for them, they can access their personalized kit directly from their site's dashboard.
A screenshot of creating a personalized client kit for a Wix Studio site.

To create a client kit:

  1. Go to Client Kits in your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Click + Create Client Kit.
  3. Select a Studio site to create a kit for and click Continue.
  4. Click Add resources and upload your files or choose from Wix Studio tutorial videos.
  5. Click Agency details and click the Display details toggle to share your contact details:
    • Enabled: Your contact details will be displayed as part of the client kit.
    • Disabled: Your contact details won't be shared with the client.
  6. Click Your client to view the recipients and do one of the following:
    • Click site collaborator to add your client as a collaborator.
      Note: It's important to indicate if you're sharing it with the client so that they can view but not edit the kit.
    • Click transfer site ownership to transfer the site to your client.
  7. Click Save to send the invite and share the client kit.


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