Wix Media: Supported Media File Types and File Sizes

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Wix allows you to upload a wide range of media file types directly to your site, like images, video, audio, icons, vector art (SVG) and more. 

Select a media type below to learn more about the supported file types and file size recommendations and limits.
Other Media
Click an image type below to learn more about the supported files and size limits.
Fonts uploaded to the Media Manager are not accessible in the Editor. If you want to use your own font in the Editor, you must upload it to the Editor directly and not the Media Manager. Learn How
We are always working to improve and expand the supported file types and sizes we offer. If you would like to upload other file types and larger file sizes, you can use the Wix File Share app. With the File Share app, you can upload files directly onto your site to share with your visitors. Read the app's file guidelines. There are also several other apps that you can try in the Wix App Market. 

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