Wix Media: Troubleshooting File Upload Issues

3 min read
From time to time, when uploading files, something ends up causing an issue that needs to be fixed before the files can upload. We've gathered some of the most common error messages to help you troubleshoot.

Issues Uploading Files

If you are having trouble uploading your files, make sure you're uploading the file in a supported file format. Click here to learn more about supported media file types and sizes.

Specific Errors

If you get an error when uploading your file, you may need to check a few things. You can find some common errors below, click the drop-downs to learn how to resolve them.

Problematic configurations for media uploads:

If you are unable to upload a supported media file, the issue may be related to a local misconfiguration of settings on your computer or internet connection.
  • 3G internet connection: You may experience issues uploading media if you are connected through a 3G mobile connection. 
  • Carrier or data plan restrictions: Due to these restrictions, you may be unable to upload images, or other media files.
  • Public internet connection: Public institutions, such as work, school, libraries, or government facilities may restrict access to certain URLs, including our media server.
  • Internet security programs: Some internet security programs block access to our media server.

To resolve a media upload issue:

  1. Make sure you are attempting to upload a supported media file type
  2. Try uploading another media file. If the file uploads successfully you may have an issue with the file itself you're unable to upload. Try saving the file with a new name, then uploading again.  
  3. Upload the file in an incognito or private window
  4. Disable any browser extensions that may be blocking the upload, then retry uploading the file. 
  5. Clear your browser's cache.
  6. Logout of your Wix account, then sign in and retry uploading the file.
  7. Upload the file using another supported browser
  8. If you are connected to the internet through a router, connect directly through the modem and retry uploading the file. 
  9. Temporarily disable any internet security programs installed on your computer (e.g., antivirus, firewall) and retry uploading the file. 
  10. Try uploading from a different computer, using a different internet connection. 

Are you still unable to upload your media file?
Contact Wix Support and send us:
  • A screenshot of your console view using the steps below:
    1. Open an incognito window in Google Chrome (Ctrl + Shift N).
    2. Sign in to Wix and try to upload your file. 
    3. Use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl Shift + J (on PC) or Cmd + Option + J (on Mac).
    4. Click the Console tab at the top of the panel and refresh the page (F5).
    5. Take a screenshot of this tab.
  • The steps you've tried.
  • The media file type.
  • The name and version of the web browsers you've tried. Go to www.whatismybrowser.com to find out your browser version.  
  • The name and version of your computer's operating system.