Wix Media: Viewing Your Site's Media Storage Usage

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Every image, video, audio or other file you upload to Wix is hosted securely on Wix's servers. These media files count towards your site's total storage limit.

From the Media Manager, you can view how much storage your site is using. If you need more, you can upgrade to a Premium plan. Premium plans include storage space in addition to other business benefits such as more video hours, streaming and selling media content.
Need more storage?
Choose to add a storage plan to your site to make sure you have enough space for your media. You can do this in addition to upgrading your Premium plan.
A screenshot of a full storage limit in the Media Manager.
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Viewing your site's media storage

From your Media Manager, view how much storage your site is using and how much it has remaining. If needed, you can upgrade to get more storage. 

To view your site's media storage:

  1. Go to your Media Manager.
  2. View the total storage your site has used at the bottom left. 
  3. Hover over the Info icon to view how much storage space your site has left. 
A screenshot showing how much storage space a site has used and has remaining.
  1. (Optional) Click Upgrade to choose a Premium plan that includes more storage space. 


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