Wix Media: Creating Images or Logos with Transparent Backgrounds

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Remove the background of an image to focus the eye on the key element, for example a logo. Cut out any surrounding noise to add impact or perform object segmentation. Once you've done this, your image appears on a transparent background. 

To make an image or logo background transparent:

  1. Go to your Media Manager.
  2. Click the image you want to edit.
  3. Click Crop & Edit.
  4. Click Cut Out.
  5. Click Auto Cut Out.
  6. Click Refine Cut Out to edit the image cut out with a brush. Use the editing options:
    • Restore: Restore parts of the cut out that you removed.
    • Erase: Edit the image to remove parts of the cut out.
    • Fix Edges: Fix soft edges (for example, around hair).
    • Size: Select the brush size to make more accurate edits.
    • Hardness: Select the brush hardness to make more accurate edits.
    • Opacity: Select the brush opacity to make more accurate edits.
  7. (Optional) Click and hold the Preview Changes icon  to preview the changes you've made.
  8. Click Apply once you're happy with your changes.
  9. Click Save to save the new image in your Media Manager.
A screenshot of the options you have to refine the cut-out of an image.

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