Wix Studio: Joining the Wix Partner Program

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The Wix Partner Program is a loyalty program for agencies and freelancers, offering exclusive benefits to help your business grow. Join the Wix Partner Program and enjoy these exclusive benefits.

Gain access to 24/7 priority support, revenue share opportunities, expert guidance from our Partner Success Team, and eligibility for additional perks like joining the Wix Marketplace. 
A screenshot of joining the partner program and becoming a Wix Partner.
Ready to join the Wix Partner Program?
Click the Join Our Partner Program on the top left of your workspace to become a Wix Partner and gain access to exclusive benefits.

Earning points in the Wix Partner Program

Earn points by building Premium sites and completing certifications to reach new levels in the Wix Partner Program. For each level you achieve, you gain access to exclusive benefits that help you scale your business.

Track your progress and click View Points in the Partner section of your workspace to get a breakdown of the points you've earned, including the Premium sites you've built and certifications you've completed. 
You'll earn 100 points for working as a collaborator on Premium Wix Studio and Editor X sites.

Unlocking exclusive benefits in the Partner Program

Gain access to exclusive benefits as a Wix Partner. Earn points for building Premium sites and completing certifications to unlock more benefits as you progress to higher levels.

Get priority support when you need it the most

Get your questions answered promptly and tailored to your business needs. All Wix Partners get priority support when requesting a callback or submitting a ticket. Learn more about priority support for Wix Partners.

Earn revenue share on client sites

As a Wix Partner, you can earn 50% revenue share on specific yearly plans and track your earnings. Once you reach Legend level, you can qualify for 20% revenue share on select Premium sites that you create for clients. Learn more about earning revenue share in the Wix Partner Program.

Apply to join the Wix Marketplace

Grow your business and expand your client base by applying to join the Wix Marketplace. Once you reach Icon level, you'll be eligible to apply and showcase your work to get matched with potential clients.

In the Wix Marketplace, we'll match you with quality leads from Wix users looking to hire your skills and expertise. You'll have full control to manage incoming project requests, track and update projects statuses, and showcase your completed work on your Marketplace profile. 

As a member, you'll also gain exclusive access to our workspace CRM tools to effectively communicate with all of your clients and streamline tasks within your team by creating automations. You can also track payments from clients and funds received via Wix Payments using our billing tools. Learn more about applying to join the Wix Marketplace.
A screenshot of a Partner's profile in Wix Marketplace.
Check out the Wix Marketplace Profile Guide for tips on making your profile stand out. 

Manage projects on the go

Stay in control while on the move with our brand new Wix Studio mobile app.

With the Studio mobile app, you can manage your agency's site, projects, and clients, no matter where you are. Respond to Wix Marketplace leads and communicate with your contacts, ensuring you never miss a beat. You can also easily manage your clients' sites, reach out to Customer Care and keep track of your ticket statuses. 

Plus, you can view and switch between workspaces in your account, so you can stay on top of every project. This new app gives you all the capabilities of the Wix Owner app—and more. Learn more about the Wix Studio mobile app.

Wix Partner Program FAQs

Click below to view answers to the most frequently asked Partner Program questions. 

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