Wix Studio: Earning Points in the Wix Partner Program

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Gain access to exclusive benefits as a Wix Partner. Earn points for building Premium sites and completing certifications to unlock more benefits as you progress to higher levels. To start earning points, you have to join the Wix Partner Program.
A screenshot of the Partner Points dialog in Wix Studio.
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Earning points in the Wix Partner Program

Earn points by building Premium sites and completing certifications to reach new levels in the Wix Partner Program. For each level you achieve, you gain access to exclusive benefits that help you scale your business.
As a Wix Partner, you automatically earn 100 points for each Premium site you've built and 300 points for each Premium Wix Studio or Editor X site. If you've worked on Premium sites that are in other Wix accounts, you must be a collaborator on those sites to receive points. When you work on a Premium Wix Studio or Editor X site as a collaborator, you will earn 100 points for that site. You can also receive 100 points for completing Wix certifications.
You'll earn 100 points for working as a collaborator on Premium Wix Studio and Editor X sites.

Important information about earning points

Review the following information related to earning points:
  • Eligibility: You are eligible to earn points for all Premium sites you build, regardless of the Premium plan purchased, or if a discount was applied. 
  • Keeping points: You keep the points you earned from sites for as long as they have active Premium plans assigned to them. If a plan expires or is assigned to a different site, you lose the points you earned from it.
  • Premium sites outside your account: If a Premium site you built is in another Wix account, you must be a collaborator on the site.
  • You receive points immediately after a site you built is upgraded to a Premium plan.
  • Points for certifications may take a few business days to be applied to your account. 
  • You can lose points if the Premium plan is canceled within the first 14 days.
  • If you purchase a Premium plan for a site and then reassign the plan to a new site, you'll only receive points for the original site (which now becomes a free site).

Viewing your points history

Track your progress and your earned points in the Partner level section located on the top left of your Wix Studio workspace. You can see a breakdown of the total points you've earned, including the Premium sites you've built and certifications you've completed. 
A screenshot of your partner level section and clicking View Points in the Wix Studio workspace.

To view your points history:

  1. Go to your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Hover over the Partner level section on the top left of your workspace and click View Points:
    • Premium sites: Points you've earned for Premium sites. 
    • Certifications: Points you've earned for completed certifications.
    • Manual adjustments: Points manually added by our team.
  3. Click Close when you're done.

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