Wix Studio: About the Partner Program Levels and Benefits

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Gain access to exclusive benefits as a Wix Partner. Earn points for building Premium sites and completing certifications to unlock more benefits as you progress through the 4 program levels: Pioneer, Creator, Icon, and Legend. View the benefits unlocked at each level and the number of points needed in the table below.
Ready to become a Wix Partner?
Apply now if you're the workspace owner. Click Become a Partner on the top left of your Wix Studio workspace and enter your agency's details. We'll review your request to join the program within the next business day. Learn more about earning points in the Wix Partner Program.
A screenshot of clicking become a partner on the top left of the Wix Studio workspace to join the Wix Partner Program.
0-900 pts
1000 pts
2000 pts
Legend 5000+ pts
Partner Badge

Download your Wix Partner Badge:
Hover over the Partner level section on the top left of your Wix Studio workspace and click the Download icon next to your Partner Badge.

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