Wix Studio: Setting Up Custom Branding

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Create a branded experience for your clients and showcase your agency as a Wix Partner. 

Use Custom Branding to seamlessly include your agency's brand in email invitations, site dashboards, and free site banners that link to your agency's business site. Enhance brand visibility and create a unified experience for your clients across multiple touchpoints.
A screenshot of the Custom Branding tab in the Wix Studio workspace.
Only workspace owners and co-owners can set up custom branding.
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Setting up Custom Branding

Create a branded experience for your clients to promote your agency as a Wix Partner. 

To set up Custom Branding:

  1. Go to Custom Branding in your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Click Set Up Now.
  3. Click Upload Image under Logo.
  4. Select your logo and click Choose File.
    Note: Your logo should have a rectangular aspect ratio (e.g. 4:3). 
  5. (Optional) Click the Edit icon to update your business name in the Business Info tab of your Wix Studio workspace. 
  6. Click Add in Business Info under Business site URL to link your agency's logo to your business portfolio site.


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