Wix Studio: Receiving Revenue Share

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As a Wix Partner, you can earn revenue share for the sale of specific yearly plans including their renewals. Once you reach Legend level, you can qualify for 20% revenue share on select Premium sites that you create for clients.
Wix Partners (all levels)
Wix Legend
Business Elite
Email Marketing
Branded App by Wix
Wix Enterprise
Yearly, 2 year, or 3 year Premium plans

Currently, revenue share payments are not issued to banks located in Ukraine, Russia, and Pakistan.
Revenue share payouts are calculated based on the price of the plan, excluding the VAT.
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Qualifying for revenue share

All Wix Partners can earn revenue share for the sale of specific plans to clients. 

50% revenue share for selected plans

In 2023, Partners on all levels can earn 50% revenue share on purchases of the following plans:
To qualify for 50% revenue share:
  • You have to create the site (be the first owner) to be eligible for revenue share on Email Marketing, Branded App, and Business Elite plans.
  • Only yearly plans are eligible for revenue share; monthly plans are not.
  • The eligible plans must be purchased within this year. 
  • You need to connect a payment method to receive your revenue share payouts (see below).
  • You'll only be able to access the Revenue Share tab after purchasing one of these eligible plans.
The Business Elite plan is currently undergoing testing as part of its rollout and will be available to Partners in the US (in English) starting from June 5th, 2023. The plan will also be rolled out to additional countries later this year, and we'll update this article with relevant information once available. While some Partners are excluded from this phase, new clients may have access to it.

20% revenue share for Legend Partners

If you are a Legend Partner, you can earn 20% revenue share when you upgrade a site you create to a Premium plan.
To qualify for 20% revenue share:
  • Only Yearly, 2 Year, and 3 Year Premium plans purchased or renewed are applicable. Google Workspace, App upgrades and other purchases do not qualify for revenue share at the moment.
  • Premium plans purchased on sale are also eligible for revenue share.
  • You have to create the site (be the first owner), even if you no longer have access to the site.
  • You need to connect a payment method to receive your revenue share payouts (see below). Sites that you've upgraded prior to connecting a payment method won't be eligible for revenue share retroactively. 

Connecting a payment method

To start earning revenue share, you need to connect a payment method in the Revenue Share tab of your Wix Studio workspace.

To connect a payment method:

  1. Go to Revenue Share in your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Click Add payment details.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Add your contact info and click Next.
  5. Add your payment details and click Next

Receiving payouts for revenue share

Revenue share has a 30-day pending status from the Premium plan purchase date. After 30 days, if approved, the revenue share is added to your next payout amount. Once your next payout amount reaches at least $200, it is processed at the end of the following month. 
For example, if you buy an eligible Premium plan in August, your payout will process at the end of October. 
A screenshot of the Revenue Share tab in Wix Studio with revenue share details.

To receive payouts:

  • You must earn a minimum of $200 before getting a payout. If the payout amount is less than $200, the balance carries over to the next month. 
  • It can take 3-6 days to post to your bank account once we initiate the payment at the end of the month. 
  • You're not eligible to earn revenue share if the Premium plan is refunded.
For Enterprise plans, you'll receive your revenue share once Wix receives the payment from the client in full.
Click Invoice History to view your past and pending payouts.

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