Wix Studio: Viewing Your Customer Care Ticket Log

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Manage all of your workspace's Customer Care tickets in one place and save time by accessing previous solutions.

Wix Studio has a dedicated tab in your workspace that allows you to view your team's entire Customer Care history log. You can track previous interactions and issues raised by anyone in your workspace to Wix Customer Care, providing a comprehensive overview of their statuses and resolutions. 

Use the search to find a ticket or filter the log by reporter, sites, and ticket status, to find what you're looking for and easily get support whenever you need it
Go to Customer Care Tickets in your Wix Studio workspace.
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Viewing your Customer Care ticket log

View your team's entire Customer ticket log and find answers and solutions from past discussions, making it convenient to find the information you need.  

To view your ticket log:

  1. Go to Customer Care Tickets in your Wix Studio workspace.
  2. Search for a ticket or use the filter to narrow the tickets by the reporter, sites, and ticket status.
  3. Hover over a ticket and click View to see the conversation with Wix Customer Care.
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Click + Create New Ticket at the top right to start a new conversation.


Click a question to learn more about the Customer Care ticket log.

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