Studio Editor: Understanding How Clients Edit Their Site

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Once a client accepts your invite, they can access their site in the Studio Editor. Depending on their role, your client can access either the content mode, full mode, or both.
  • Content mode: Access to a version of the Studio Editor that only allows content updates (e.g. text, media). 
  • Full mode: Access to the entire Editor that you've been using to build the site.
These editing modes have been designed to help your clients feel more involved. The sooner they use the Editor, the more prepared they will be for when they need to make their own updates. 

Clients using the content mode

Content mode is the best way for clients to update their site, without accidentally affecting your design. It allows them to see their site pages and navigate freely – the panel on the right lets them input their own information and media. 
This easy-to-use mode empowers clients to be more active in the site creation process and get to know the Editor. As their business evolves, your client may need to use this mode regularly to keep their content fresh.
An example of a page with the Edit Content mode, showing what clients can edit

Clients using the full mode

If your client's role only includes the Edit Content permission, content mode is the only one they see. If their role includes more permissions (e.g. Website Manager, Co-Owner), they can access the full mode of their site.
Full mode lets clients open the Studio Editor, the same way you see it. They can add, select and customize elements, just like your team. Having said that, the actions they're allowed to perform still depend on the role you assign.  
A screenshot showing the tooltip that appears when a client hovers over an action that is not authorized

Communicating with clients inside the Editor

In some cases, your clients may prefer to give you feedback instead of updating content on their own. 
Whether your client is in content mode or full mode, they can communicate with you directly inside the Editor. Using the Comments panel , they can ask questions, share feedback and give instructions. 
Every comment is either related to a specific element or an entire page. To accelerate the communication even more, clients can tag the person who needs to address their input.
A screenshot of the comments panel with comments from a client


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