Pricing Plans: An Overview

The article below discusses the Wix subscriptions app Pricing Plans. If you're looking for information about upgrading your site with Wix Premium plans, please check this article.
Pricing Plans is a powerful app which lets you charge for your content and services. It's a great way to grow your business by selling bundles and memberships.
You can sell one-time membership plans or recurring plans. You decide how long a plan lasts before it expires or renews, and what benefits you offer with the plan.   
Three different pricing plans with price and benefits.
Get started:
Go to the Wix App Market and add Pricing Plans to your site.

Create plans to suit your business

The Pricing Plans app gives you the flexibility to create the types of plans that suit your business. Choose one of the three types of plans: One-time payment, Recurring Payment, or Free/Trial
  • Recurring payment: Create a subscription plan with recurring payments and select how often the plan (and payment) recurs: weekly, monthly, or yearly. 
  • One-time payment: Create a one-time plan that lasts for the time period you choose. 
  • Free plans: Offer your clients a free membership plan. 
To accept online payments, you need to upgrade to a Business & eCommerce Plan

Connect your plans to your content and services

You can integrate your plans with Wix content and services. For example, your plan can provide access to a members-only site page, Wix Bookings services, and much more. 
You can connect your pricing plans to the following Wix Content and Services options: 

Offer access to external services

You can sell plans that are not connected to any Wix services. For example, if you own a meal delivery service you can sell plans that last different lengths of time and with different options. List the benefits that come with each plan so your customers know what's included. 
Three different pricing plans connected to services outside of Wix.

Promote your plans to new members

Offer a free-trial period so clients try before they buy a recurring plan. Alternatively, you can create a reduced-rate trial plan that's available only to first-time plan holders. 
What's next:
Create your first pricing plan and begin selling membership plans and packages on your site. 

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