Online Programs: An Overview

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Create an online program to inspire your members and help them achieve their goals. You can build a step-by-step program of your choice such as a course, fitness challenge, nutrition plan, or personal coaching. 
You can also add program instructors to guide participants, fostering both individual growth and community support. Enhance the learning experience by integrating quizzes for interactive engagement, reinforcing understanding, and promoting active participation.
A screenshot of a Program List displayed on a live site.
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Create unique programs for your business

Your online program is made out of steps that participants must accomplish in order to progress. Create a program that inspires your participants to stay motivated and that encourages them to continue week to week. 
For self-paced programs, steps are categorized into sections to facilitate organization. In scheduled programs, steps are arranged based on specific dates or a calendar schedule.
A screenshot of content in a program.

Manage your program participants

From your site's dashboard, you can manage your program participants  by inviting, monitoring their progress, and direct communication, with easy filtering options.
A screenshot of a participant list in a program.
People can view the available programs and join them based on the program's designated privacy settings.

Monitor your program's success

Keep tabs on your participants' progress within the program. You can track completed steps and stay connected by reaching out for questions, sharing advice, and boosting morale whenever needed.
A screenshot of a participants progress in a program.

Connect participants together

Create and connect a group to your program so that your participants can share their progress, and give tips and feedback to other group members. 
This improves their engagement and loyalty to the program as they connect with one another, and they can also get access to important program updates.
A screenshot of a Program's settings highlighting a connected group.

Maximize participant engagement

Enhance participant engagement by integrating quizzes or surveys into your program at any point. Customize questions to gauge the effectiveness of your content. 
For example, ask participants for open-ended feedback. Additionally, prompt participants to select answers from a predefined list to gather valuable insights and optimize your program accordingly.
A screenshot of a quiz/survey for a program.

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