About the Wix Mobile Apps

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The Wix mobile apps are a group of apps built for site owners and members. Site owners can use the Wix Owner app to run their business efficiently, and members can interact with their favorite sites using the Wix member apps.
The Wix member apps are free to use and download from the relevant app stores. You do not need a Premium plan to access them.

The Wix Owner app

The Wix Owner app helps you create, manage and grow your business on the go. Control and customize how your business looks on the member apps, and communicate with your members directly. Learn More
From the Wix Owner app you can:
  • Set up and customize your site on the member apps
  • Manage all aspects of your business
  • Communicate with your members and live site visitors
  • View your site's analytics
  • Promote your business with email campaigns

The Wix member apps

The Wix member apps are a suite of free apps built specifically for your members to help them interact with your business. They provide a cohesive experience between your site and their mobile device. 
After your site members download the members app that works best with your business (Spaces by Wix and Fit by Wix) they can perform all the actions they would on your site from the app including purchasing products, booking services, chatting with you from their Inbox and more.
From the Wix Owner app, you can customize what your members see and what they're able to do on your preferred Wix member app. Learn More

Spaces by Wix

Spaces by Wix helps your members connect with your business right from their mobile device. Your members can use the app to stay up to date with announcements and chat directly with your business from their inbox. They can also book services you offer, purchase from your online store, and register for your events. Additionally, they can feel part of your site's community by joining forums, groups and member chats. Learn More

Fit by Wix

If you have a fitness site, your members can use the Fit by Wix app to interact with your business and community.
From Fit by Wix, your members can sign up for classes, training sessions and online programs. They can also purchase your merchandise, register for events, and immerse in your fitness community by connecting with other members in groups and discussions. Learn More

Dine by Wix

If you have a restaurant site, your members can interact with you in the Dine by Wix app.
Dine by Wix makes it convenient for customers to order food for pickup or delivery, view menus, make reservations, and keep notified about restaurant updates. Encourage repeat customers and increase brand loyalty by inviting customers to stay connected. Learn more

Branded App by Wix

Create a fully branded mobile app to help your site stand out from the crowd. Branded App by Wix makes it easy for your members to access your services. Control the app's features and content and personalize your branded app to suit your business needs. Learn more
Unlike the other Wix member apps, you have to purchase a Branded App by Wix plan. Learn more about purchasing a branded app

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