Online Programs: Adding Quizzes and Surveys Throughout Your Program

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Add a quiz or survey at any point in your program to keep participants engaged. You can customize each question to see how effective your content is. For example, gather participants' feedback using an open-ended question, or have them select their answer from a list.
A screenshot of the Quiz Builder in your Online Program.

Step 1 | Add a new quiz or survey

Add a quiz or survey at any point throughout your program. You can add your questions at the end of each day, after participants complete steps on a specific day, or add them to select days.

To add a quiz or survey:

  1. Go to Online Programs in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant program.
  3. Scroll down to the Content Schedule.
  4. Click + Add.
  5. Select Add Quiz
A screenshot of Adding a Quiz to a program.

Step 2 | Enter the basic information

Give your quiz / survey a name to describe it. This information lets participants know what kind of content to expect before they start. Then, assign the quiz / survey to the relevant place in your program so it appears right on time. 

To add the basic info:

  1. Enter a title under Name of your quiz or survey.
  2. Choose the relevant place for your quiz / survey to appear:
    • Scheduled program: Select the desired date from the Date drop-down.

    • Self-paced program: Select the desired section from the Section drop-down.

Step 3 | Build your quiz or survey

After filling in the basic details of your quiz / survey, it's time to build it from scratch. Add an informative title, descriptive text and the questions you want. You can choose from different types of questions (e.g. open ended, multiple choice) to meet your needs.

To build your quiz / survey:

  1. Click + Add Questions.
  2. Choose what you want to add to your quiz / survey:
3.  Repeat step 2 to add more questions or elements.
4.  Click Save.
A screenshot of the Quiz Builder.
  • Move elements around the page using drag and drop. 
  • You can change the design of this page by customizing your site theme's colors and text. This automatically adjusts the look of your quiz / survey. 

Step 4 | (Optional) Add a pass grade to your quiz or survey

After saving your new quiz / survey, create an incentive for your participants by adding a passing grade. Only when people achieve the grade, they can continue the program.
If participants do not meet the passing grade, they are not able to complete the program.

To add a passing grade:

  1. Select the Require a passing grade checkbox under Grading.
  2. Enter the score you want participants to achieve.
  3. Click Save.
A screenshot of selecting the Passing Grade checkbox.


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