Wix Groups: Creating a New Group

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Create a new group for members who share similar interests, giving them a space to connect. Personalize each group by adjusting privacy settings and connecting special events to give exclusive access to event guests.
You can also ask the AI Groups Assistant for guidance, such as suggesting group names and setting up group descriptions to ensure a tailored experience for all members.
Before you begin:
Make sure you have added Wix Groups to your site. 
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Creating a new group

Create a new group from your site's dashboard, the Wix Owner app, or the Studio app. You can choose from a set of templates or create a custom design, then input key group information including privacy settings.
Alternatively, you can utilize the AI Groups Assistant to name the group, craft a description, and establish initial privacy preferences. 

To create a new group:

Owner app
Studio app
  1. Go to Groups in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click + Create Group.
  3. Choose the type of group you want to create:
A screenshot of a group set up.


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