Wix Video: Connecting a Pricing Plan to a Video Channel

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Monetize your video channel by connecting it to a pricing plan. This means that your viewers can subscribe and pay for access to your channel videos on a weekly, monthly or yearly basis - you decide. 
Before you begin:
Make sure you've added Wix Video and set up at least one channel

Step 1 | Add and set up Wix Pricing Plans

Once you've added Wix Video and created your channel, you can add Wix Pricing Plans to your site and create your plans. 
To sell plans on your site, you must connect a payment provider. Wix offers a variety of providers for you to choose from.

To add Wix Pricing Plans:

  1. Go to Pricing Plans in the Wix App Market.
  2. Click Add to Site.
  1. Set up and create your plans.
Wix Pricing Plans also integrates with other apps including Wix Bookings, Wix Blog, and Wix Events. A plan can cover multiple products, for example, if you have a yoga site, a plan can include yoga classes with Wix Bookings, and yoga videos from Wix Video. 

Step 2 | Connect a pricing plan to your video channel

Next, it's time to connect a pricing plan to your video channel. During this process you can either create a new pricing plan, or connect an existing pricing plan.

To connect a plan to your channel:

  1. Go to Video Library in your site’s dashboard.
  2. Click the Channels tab on the left.
  3. Click the channel you want to monetize.
  4. Click Edit next to Channel Info.
  5. Scroll down to Pricing Plan.
  6. Click Add Plan
  7. Choose what you want to do: 
    • Connect an existing plan: Click Connect next to the relevant plan.
    • Create a new plan: Click Create New Plan and set up your new plan.
8.  Click Done.
9.  Click Save.
If you connect an existing plan that already has subscribers, those subscribers will automatically be added to the video channel.


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