Pricing Plans: Connecting a Plan to Content and Services

Include services and content you create on Wix as part of the benefits in your pricing plans. This can help you to create a community around your business and lets members get to know each other better.
For example, clients who buy a monthly membership plan would be able to book your Zumba class (created in Wix Bookings) using their membership.
Booking a service which is included as part of the client's purchased plan.
You can create new content or services and add them to your pricing plans whenever you like.

Connecting your services

You can connect existing Wix Bookings services while creating a new pricing plan. You can also add new services when you create plans later. 
Screenshot showing how to add Bookings services to your pricing plan.
When you connect a pricing plan with Wix Bookings, you can offer your clients:

Connecting your events

Offer clients discounted access to your events when they buy a membership plan.
A 20% discount offer for members when they buy tickets to an event.
You control what percentage discount you offer, which events are included, and how long the membership lasts. In addition, choose whether to offer just one membership plan or more.

Connecting your online programs

Create programs with steps along the way that participants need to perform, like a 30-day gratitude building challenge. You can then offer these programs as part of a pricing plan
If you already created programs with the Online Programs app, you can connect them while creating a pricing plan.
Adding programs to a pricing plan.

Connecting site pages

Offer your clients access to exclusive site pages by connecting your plans to pages
The exclusive content page on a Wix site, showing three different membership options.
Clients who buy a membership can log into your site and view your exclusive content.

Connecting your blog

You can limit access so that only plan holders have access to selected blog posts. When site visitors click to view a post, they are prompted to subscribe.
Adding a paywall to a blogpost.
You can also limit access to your entire blog by making the blog feed a paying members-only page

Connecting your forum

You can create forum categories that only paying members can access. 
A members-only forum on a Wix site.
If you already created categories in Wix Forum, you can connect them while creating a pricing plan. Any categories you connect here to pricing plans automatically becomes private. 
Adding forum subscriptions to a Wix site through the dashboard.

You can also limit access to your entire forum by making the forum page a paying members-only page

Connecting a video channel

If you already created video channels with Wix Video, you can connect them while creating a pricing plan. 
Connecting video channels to pricing plans through the dashboard on a Wix site.
Alternatively, when setting up a new video channel, you can make it exclusive to paying members by selecting plans you already created. 

Connecting a file share library

With the File Share app, you can create a library where your community can securely upload, download, and share documents in organized folders. You can limit access to selected pricing plan holders. 
You can also connect existing folders while creating a pricing plan. 
Adding File Share subscriptions in the dashboard of a Wix site.
The folders you connect automatically become private and are accessible only to plan holders.
Additional options:

Connecting a group

Use Wix Groups to help build a community around your business. Encourage your members to learn and share tips and advice together. You can limit access to selected pricing plan holders. 
Connecting an exclusive group to a pricing plan
You can connect existing groups to your pricing plans or create a new, exclusive group. 

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