Content Manager: About Dynamic Pages

A dynamic page is a page that can change its content, while keeping the same design and layout. In Wix, any dynamic page that you add is connected to a collection in your Content Manager. This way, you can automatically populate all the pages you want, just by adding content to your collection.
Wix sites have a limit of 100 static pages. So dynamic pages are a handy solution to this limitation. Learn how dynamic pages can help you create a site with unlimited content.

Adding dynamic pages

When you add the Content Manager to your site, you have the option to start with a preset. A preset contains both a collection and 2 dynamic pages that are linked to the collection:
  • A dynamic list page: This page lists all of your items and functions as a menu from which visitors can navigate to each item page. It appears on your site's Pages panel as "Collection Name" (All).
  • A dynamic item page: This is the page that actually shows your content. The content each item page displays corresponds to an item (or one row) in your collection. It appears on your site's Pages panel as "Collection Name" (First Field Name).
When adding dynamic pages, you have the option to start with a preset. Presets are carefully connected, pre-designed dynamic pages, each with a specific look and style. They are automatically set up with collections for you to store your site content. Learn more.

Designing your dynamic pages

The great thing about dynamic pages is that you only need to design them once. Any element that's connected to your collection changes according to what item is being viewed. Any other element on the page remains the same. 

Item pages

For item pages, you need a suitable element to display each field in your collection. For example, you'll probably need a text element to display the title field, and an image element to display the image. In the example below, we can see 2 text elements and an image element. The first text element is connected to the title field, the second to the description field and of course, the image is connected to the image field.

List pages

Since list pages are like an index of your item pages, you'll want to add a multi-item element such as a repeater, gallery, or table. By default, these pages come with a repeater, which is a clear and easy way to display a brief snippet of the information your item pages contain.
No matter what element you choose, you'll need to connect each individual part of the element to the relevant field in the collection. In the example below, we have a repeater which shows an image, a title and a brief description of the item. The image is connected to the image field, the title is connected to the title field, and the description is connected to the description field.

Learn more about setting up your dynamic list page.

Additional information

  • Because dynamic pages display dynamic content, you can't link to them the same way you link to regular static pages. Learn More
  • You can control how elements on the page interact with your collection by changing the dynamic page dataset settings. Learn More
  • Since these pages are dynamic, you can set dynamic SEO settings for them to reflect what shows on each page. Learn More
Use dynamic pages to build an informative and effective landing page site with our free landing page builder.
Want to learn more?
  • Check out the full course in Wix Learn on getting started with the Content Manager. Check out the fifth video about how to utilize list and item pages.

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