CMS (Formerly Content Manager): Managing Your Collections

3 min read
Manage the content in your collections by adding, deleting, duplicating, importing/exporting and more. Manage the fields (columns) and items (rows) in any collection. Change or filter your view of the collection to best suit your needs.

With the optional Sandbox mode enabled, you can view your Sandbox or Live collection or sync Sandbox to Live. Learn more about using the Sandbox.
  • Deleting items or fields from your collections disconnects any elements that were connected to them. 
  • Learn how collection permissions determine who can view, add, delete, and update collection content. 

To manage your content collection:

  1. Go to CMS in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click the relevant collection.
  3. Click + Add Item to add a new item. Enter an Item Name and its content, then click Save.  
  4. Click  to add a new field. Then enter a Field Name, choose a Field Type, and click Save.
Screenshot of a collection in the content manager, highlighting the Add Item and Add Column icons
  1. Manage your content using the following:
You receive an alert if you attempt to enter the wrong type of content into a field. For example, if the field type is URL, the content you enter should be formatted as a URL. 
In some cases, you cannot enter the wrong kind of information. For example, you cannot enter text in a Number field. Learn more about working with CMS collections