CMS: Exporting Content from Your Collection

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You can export a CMS (Content Management System) collection's content as a CSV file to use it in another application such as Google Sheets or Excel. If you're using the optional Sandbox and Live collections, you can export these as well. 
  • If your collection has non-Latin characters, it is exported using UTF-8 encoding.
  • Time fields in the exported CSV file are displayed as UTC+0.

To export content from your content collection:

  1. Go to CMS in your site's dashboard. Alternatively, you can click CMS  in your editor.
  2. Click the relevant collection.
    Note: If you have the optional Sandbox enabled, click Live Collection at the top if you want to export the Live collection instead of the Sandbox collection.  
  3. Click More Actions and click Export to CSV
  4. Choose which parts of your collection you want included in the file:
    • The entire collection: Export all items and fields, including hidden and system fields
    • Filtered data: Export only the items that match the current filter.
    • Collection fields: Export the collection structure. Only the field names are exported, including hidden and system fields. This is useful if you want to create your content in a spreadsheet application and then easily import it to your content collection.
  5. Click Export.
  6. When your file is ready, click Download File.
A screenshot of the panel that displays when your file is ready to download.

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