CMS: Connecting a Button to a Dataset

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Connect a button element to a dataset to define what happens when the button is clicked. For example, you could link a button to the "Submit" click action, a dynamic item page, or a document stored in your collection. You can also connect the button label to a collection field to show dynamic text on your button. 
The list of available dataset actions varies depending on the dataset mode and whether you connect to a regular dataset or a dynamic page dataset. Learn more about all the available dataset click actions

To connect a button to a dataset:

Wix Editor
Editor X
Studio Editor
  1. In your Editor, click the button you want to connect to the CMS. 
  2. Click the Connect to CMS icon .  
  3. Click the Choose a dataset drop-down and select an existing dataset that connects to your collection. Alternatively, click Add a Dataset, then choose the collection you want to connect, give the dataset a name and click Create.
  4. Click the Click action connects to drop-down and select the relevant option:
  1. (Optional) Display dynamic text in the button that changes based to the collection item it links to. Click the Label connects to drop-down and select the relevant collection field.
    Tip: Alternatively, you can use static text that doesn't change by going to the button settings.

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