CMS: Adding Default Values to Fields in Your Collections

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Add default values to fields in your collections so new items automatically include these values in the relevant fields. You can edit the values in your fields later to change them from their default values. This is a great way to streamline content creation, ensure consistency and reduce errors.

You can set default values for the following field types: Text, Image, Boolean, Number, Date, URL, Video, Audio, Address, Array, and Object

To add a default value:

  1. Go to CMS in your site's dashboard. Alternatively, you can click CMS  in your editor.
  2. Click the relevant collection. 
  3. Click Manage Fields.
  4. Click the field you want to add a default value to. 
  5. Click the Default value tab.
  6. Enter the default value you want to use for the field. 
  7. Click Save.
A screenshot of adding a default value to a collection field.

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