CMS: Creating Custom Roles and Permissions

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Choose what your teammates and collaborators can access in the CMS (Content Management System) by creating custom roles for them. You can grant access to viewing content, adding and editing content, managing backups and more. 

To create a custom CMS role:

  1. Go to Roles & Permissions in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Manage Roles at the top.
  3. Click + Create New Role.
  4. Enter the Role Title and Description in the relevant fields. 
  5. Click CMS in the Permissions section.
  6. Select the checkboxes next to the permissions you want to assign to the role: 
    • View Content: Can view content in collections but cannot edit the content. 
    • Add Content: Can add and edit content in existing collections.
    • Manage Backups: Can add, restore and delete backups for all collections.
    • Manage Indexes: Can add and delete indexes for all collections. 
    • Manage Collections: Can add, delete and modify fields for all collections. 
  7. Click Save
Learn how to change your collection permissions to determine who can access content in specific collections.

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