Roles & Permissions: Inviting People to Collaborate on Your Site

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Invite people to collaborate on your site with Roles & Permissions. Each role includes a list of permissions, so you can control who can make changes on your site and dashboard. You can change collaborator roles, create custom roles, and remove collaborator access as needed.
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Inviting people to collaborate on your site

Send invitations to people you want to work with you on your site through Roles & Permissions in your site's dashboard. From here you can choose which role you want them to have or create a custom role.

To send an invite:

  1. Go to Roles & Permissions in your site's dashboard.
  2. Click Invite People.
  3. Enter your collaborator’s email address.
  4. Select the checkbox next to the relevant role/s. 
  5. Click Send Invite.
  • Wix sites have 1 free collaborator seat as standard. To get more collaborator seats, you will need to upgrade your site.
  • If you already have more collaborators than your plan allows, they can remain as collaborators. However, you will not be able to invite new collaborators until you upgrade your site.
  • Keep track of how many collaborator seats you have filled with the progress bar on the Roles & Permissions page of your dashboard's Settings.

Checking the status of a collaborator invitation

To find out if a collaborator has accepted their invitation, go to Roles & Permissions in your site's dashboard. If there is a 'PENDING' label next to their name, they have not yet accepted your invite. 

In the 'Joined on' column, you can find out when you sent the invite, and how many days are left until their invite expires. Invitation emails are valid for 30 days.
Screenshot of the Roles and Permissions page. Highlighted is a collaborator's

Resending an invitation

You can resend a collaborator invitation at any time before it has been accepted, even if the invitation has expired. You can choose to resend the invitation via email through Wix or to retrieve a link to the invitation and send it directly to your collaborator.

To resend an invitation:

  1. Go to Roles & Permissions in your site's dashboard.
  2. Hover over the relevant person and click the More Actions icon .
  3. Choose how you want to resend the invitation:
    • Send it through Wix: Click Resend Invite. Wix will resend the invitation to the email address that you entered.
      Tip: Ask your collaborator to check their spam folder if they don't see it.
    • Send it myself: Click Get Invite Link. The link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Paste it in an email or chat message to your collaborator.
      Note: This feature is currently not available in Safari.
Screenshot of the Roles and Permissions page. On a Collaborator, More actions is open, the cursor is over


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