CMS: Converting an Existing Page to a Dynamic Page

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A dynamic page is a one-page template that you can connect to your data. Use the same page layout many times to display different content from your collection.
You can convert a regular page to a dynamic page. However, you can't convert your Home Page or pages added by App Market apps into a dynamic page.

To convert an existing page to a dynamic page:

  1. Go to the Pages panel in your Editor.
2.  Hover over the page you would like to convert to a dynamic page.
3.  Click the More Actions icon.
4.  Click Set as a Dynamic Page.
5.  Select the collection you want your dynamic page to connect to under Choose a database collection to connect to this dynamic page.
6.  Click Continue.
7.  (If needed) Edit the URL of the page. This is only necessary if you receive an error message stating there is an issue with the current URL. Learn More
Turn elements on your page into dynamic elements by connecting them to a collection.
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