CMS (Formerly Content Manager): Creating a Collection

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In the CMS (Content Management System), collections are databases where you store content that can connect to your page elements. You can create multiple item collections for use with dynamic pages and layouts, or single item collections for static pages and sections. 

Collections consist of fields that determine the type of content you can store for each item in the collection. In a multiple item collection's default table layout, each row contains content about an individual item. The columns represent fields where you store content about each item. 

You can set each collection's permissions and privacy to determine who can view, add, and manage the content. 
Before you begin:
Make sure to add the CMS to your site to start creating collections. 
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Creating a CMS collection

Create new collections from within your Editor, or your CMS dashboard. Choose between a multiple items (default) collection for use with dynamic pages and elements or a single item collection for use with static pages and sections. 
Need a preset collection template?
Alternatively, you can add a preset collection that already includes items and fields and is connected to dynamic pages.

To create a new collection:

Wix Editor
Editor X
Studio Editor
  1. Go to your Editor.
  2. Click CMS  on the left of the Editor.
  3. Click Create Collection
  4. Enter a name for your collection. 
  5. Select an option to choose how many items you want in the collection:
    • Multiple items (Default): Manage multiple pages or lists of items with the same layout like projects or services. You can add many items and store massive amounts of content in this collection type that is suited for dynamic pages and elements. 
    • A single item: Manage content for static pages and sections like a homepage or a promotional banner. This type of collection is best suited for static pages because it has just one item you can add fields to. Learn more about single item collections.
  6. Click Create
  7. Add fields to your collection manually or by importing a CSV file:
  8. (Optional) Add items to your collection unless you want to store user submissions in it:
    1. Click + Add Item at the top right.
      Note: Alternatively, you can click + Add Item at the bottom of your collection. When using the Table view and clicking + Add Item at the bottom, each field is automatically saved as you work.  
    2. Enter details about the item in all the relevant fields and click Save
    3. Repeat these steps to add more items to the collection. 
A screenshot of adding an item to a collection.
A screenshot of a collection in the CMS.
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