CMS: Adding a Preset Collection

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An important part of creating a new collection is the preset (or template) you choose to display your content. This article explains the steps involved and the options for your site.

To add a CMS preset:

  1. Go to CMS in your Editor.
    • Wix Editor: Click CMS on the left side of the Editor.
    • Editor X: Click CMS at the top of Editor X.
  2. Click Add Content Elements.
  3. Click Add a Preset.
  4. Select a preset that suits your content and click Add to Site.
A screenshot showing the selection of preset templates - including property listings, courses and job listings.
Once you add your preset, note how your site has some extra items. These are:
  • An "All" Dynamic Page that displays all the items from your collection in a repeater. Each item has a link to that item's page.
  • A "Title" page. This page generates separate URLs based on the Title value. Learn more about Dynamic Page URLs.
  • A new collection with a set of fields that match your chosen preset. The collection contains some sample items.
A screenshot showing a collection containing rows and columns of information about properties.
You can only use a specific preset once per site. If you want to use the same preset again, you must first delete the collections connected to the first preset.

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