CMS: Changing the Maximum Items Displayed in Your Dataset Settings

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Control how many items can load in your dataset's connected elements by adjusting the Maximum items displayed field. By default, the 'Maximum items displayed' is set to 12, meaning up to 12 items can load in the dataset's connected elements. 

If you connect a 'Load More' button for your repeater or gallery, the total number of items that can load when clicked depends on this setting. With pagination bars, the maximum items that can appear per page is also determined by the 'Maximum items displayed' field. 
Optimize your page loading time:
Use a lower number in the 'Maximum items displayed' field to help your pages load faster with fewer items on the initial load. 

Setting the maximum items that can display

Go to the dataset settings to set the Maximum items displayed field. 
Wix Editor
Editor X
Studio Editor
  1. In your Editor, select the relevant dataset.
  2. Click Settings
  3. Edit the Maximum items displayed field to adjust the maximum items that can load at a time in the dataset's connected elements. This is also the maximum items that can load when visitors click a 'Load More' button. 
A screenshot of the Maximum items displayed setting in a dataset.


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