Working with SEO Settings for Dynamic Pages

SEO settings for dynamic pages vary slightly from the settings for regular pages. You can define the page's title tag, meta description, keywords, and og:image for dynamic pages in the same way that you do for regular pages. 
However, the SEO settings of dynamic pages are also dynamic to reflect the actual content of your pages. In other words, you can select one or more fields in your collection to use for the SEO settings for your dynamic pages.

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Accessing your dynamic pages' SEO panel

  1. Go to your site's Dynamic Pages.
2.  Hover over the page you want to edit in the Dynamic Pages menu.
3.  Click the Show More icon
4.  Select SEO Basics.

Modifying your dynamic pages' SEO settings

Each section in the dynamic page SEO settings panel give you the option to use fields from your collection for the SEO settings, to add static text, or both. 
  • Click Add Field to add more fields. Select the field that best describes the items in your collection. You can only select Number or Text fields, and the field name cannot exceed 60 characters. Learn more about meta tags
  • Click the existing field or text to modify it with static text. You can replace the field with text or add text to an existing field. Any text you add will be used for all pages.

As you define your SEO settings, the search results preview changes to reflect these settings. The field names are enclosed in curly braces, { }, to indicate that they are dynamic. They will be different each time the page displays different content.

Sections in the SEO Basics tab

The SEO Basics tab has the following sections for you to add SEO settings for your dynamic page.

What's the page's title tag (title in search results)?

Your dynamic page page title is automatically made up of the fields you used to create your dynamic page. You can change this by choosing different or additional fields, or by typing a title that will be used for all pages.

Changes you make here to the title do not change your dynamic page's URL.

What's the page's meta description (description in search results)?

Select the field in your collection that best describes your page, or type a description that will be used for all pages.

What are the page's keywords

Select the field in your collection that has keywords for your page, or type keywords that will be used for all pages. 

Which image do you want to share on social?

You can use an image field from your collection or a Text field that contains a link to an image that will be used when your page is shared on social media. You should not include more than one field. Alternatively, you can enter an external URL address that will be used for all pages.

Let search engines index this page

Enable this toggle to hide the page from search engines for all of the actual content it can display.

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