CMS: Changing Your Dynamic Page Dataset Settings

2 min read
Dynamic page datasets allow you to control how elements on your dynamic page interact with the data in your collections.
When you add a dynamic page to your site, a collection is created to connect it to. A dynamic page dataset, connected to the new collection, is automatically added to your page.
New datasets experience:
In Wix Studio, we've moved datasets to the Inspector panel on the right to make them easier for you to use. Learn more about the new datasets experience in Wix Studio

To change your dynamic page dataset settings:

  1. Click the dataset on your dynamic page.
  2. Click Settings.
  3. Update the following fields:
    • Dataset name: The name of your dataset as it appears in all Connect to Data panels.
    • Mode: Click the drop-down to change your dataset's mode:
      • Read-only: Page elements on your live site can read and display content from your collection. But site visitors cannot edit, add to, or delete any content in your collection.
      • Read & Write: Use this mode to allow visitors to add new content and modify existing content in a collection. With Read & Write mode, visitors can interact with user input elements and a submit button on your live site to edit or add to content in a collection. Page elements can also display content from the collection. 
    • Number of items to display: This field is relevant for repeaters and galleries. It controls how many items are displayed by default and how many items are added when your visitor clicks a button configured to "Load More". This only affects dynamic list pages since dynamic item pages only show one item at a time.
    • Filter and Sort: You can filter and sort your dataset to control which items appear on your page and in what order.
  • Dynamic page datasets do not have the Write-only mode. This is because a dynamic page must display an existing item from your collection. 
  • The dynamic page cannot display the item before it is created. For this reason, if the dataset is in Read & Write mode, users are not able to add new content to your collection.