CMS: Changing Your Dynamic Page Dataset Settings

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Dynamic page dataset settings in the CMS (Content Management System) allow you to modify and manage the content displayed on your dynamic pages. In the dataset settings, you can change the mode, access collection permissions, set the maximum items that display, and add filters or sorting. 
Wix Editor
Studio Editor
  1. Go to the relevant dynamic page in your editor.
  2. Go to the dynamic page dataset settings:
    1. Click an element that connects to the dataset you want to filter. 
    2. Click the Connect to CMS icon .
    3. Click Dataset Settings below the Choose a dataset drop-down. 
  1. Choose what you want to edit: 
    • Dataset name: The name of your dataset as it appears in your editor's Page Connection panels.
    • Dataset mode: The mode determines whether the dataset can read data from your collection, or both read and write data in your collection. Click the drop-down to change the dataset mode:
      • Read: Page elements on your live site can read and display content from your collection. But site visitors cannot edit, add to, or delete any content in your collection.
      • Read & Write: Use this mode to allow visitors to add new content and modify existing content in a collection. With Read & Write mode, visitors can interact with user input elements and a submit button on your live site to edit or add content in a collection. Page elements can also display content from the collection. 
    • Collection Permissions: This determines who can view, add, edit, and delete content in your CMS collection. Learn more about setting collection permissions
    • Maximum items displayed: This field determines how many items can initially load in connected repeaters and galleries. It also controls how many additional items appear when visitors click  "Load More" buttons, "Next/Previous Page" buttons, or pagination bars. Learn more about setting the 'Maximum items displayed' field.
    • Filter: Add filters to your dataset to show or hide certain items from appearing on the page. 
    • Sort: Add sorts to control the order in which items display on your page. 
  1. Click Preview to test your connections. 
  2. Click Publish if you are ready to make the changes go live. 
Dynamic page datasets do not have the Write dataset mode because dynamic pages must display content from your collection. The Write mode is used to only allow the dataset to edit or add collection content. 

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