Wix Restaurants: An Overview

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We've released a new menu app and are in the process of releasing a new online ordering app
Create a full-service restaurant site with Wix Restaurants. Showcase your restaurant's dishes with a professional menu, take online orders and receive payments, let customers book a table online and more. Manage your restaurant on-the-go with the Wix Owner app and stay on top even when you're not there.

Wix Restaurants is made up of 3 apps - Menus, Orders, and Table Reservations - and additional integrations to help you best run your restaurant. We have several restaurant templates with Wix Restaurants already installed to help you get started building your online presence.
Ready to get started?
Choose a restaurant template or add Wix Restaurants to another site by adding the Wix Restaurants Orders app.
A screenshot of Wix restaurant templates.

Create menus and showcase your dishes

Create menus and showcase your restaurant's dishes on your Wix Restaurants site. You can create multiple menus (e.g. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner), create different menu sections (e.g. Starters, Main Dishes, Desserts) and add dishes with different sizes and options. Learn more about creating your restaurant menus
What's more, you can customize a printable menu for your restaurant. Your dishes are added automatically and you choose the font style and colors, add your restaurant logo and a scannable QR code for your customers to scan and order online.

Take and manage online orders

Expand your business by enabling your restaurant's online ordering system. Allow customers to order and pay straight from your site. Offer your customers the choice of picking up orders, having their order brought to them right outside your restaurant, getting them delivered or dine at your restaurant with limited interaction with the staff. Learn more about setting up online ordering for your restaurant.
You can also offer future orders on your site and allow customers to place orders a few hours or days before the delivery time.
You need a Premium plan to take online orders and receive payments. If you don't a Premium plan, you can still display your restaurant menu on your site.
A screenshot of the checking out from a Wix Restaurant site

Take phone orders

Customers can call in and place their order over the phone. All you need to do is enter the incoming phone orders and track them until they're complete. You can also assign collaborators so that your staff can help you handle incoming calls.
You need a Premium plan to take phone orders.
A screenshot of phone ordering in the Wix Restaurants dashboard.

Accept online table reservations

Let customers book a table online with the Wix Table Reservations app. Once you add and set up the app, you can manage all your restaurant's reservations from your site's dashboard. Add your restaurant's tables, party sizes and turnover time, choose when customers can book a table and how long for. You can also set the total number of guests or parties that can reserve a table within a 15 minute time frame to avoid a rush.
You need a Premium plan to use Wix Table Reservations. Without a Premium plan, you'll only be able to add reservations manually. Customers won't be able to book a table on your site themselves.
A screenshot of booking a table with Wix Table Reservations app.

Manage multiple locations with a single site

Have more than one restaurant? Manage your restaurant services at multiple locations with a single Wix Restaurants site. You can copy your menus to different locations or create separate menus for each branch. You can also set your online ordering options and customize pickup and delivery for each location.
A screenshot of a customer choosing a location to pickup an order from.

Offer discounts for your customers

Create different types of discounts to encourage your customers to order from your restaurant. Offer your customers percentage or price reduction discounts on a dish, menu section, or your entire menu. You decide exactly what the discounts can be applied to and when customers can use them in an order. 
Restaurant Discounts tab to manage and create your discounts

Manage your restaurant on the go

Stay on top of what's going on in your restaurant, even when you are not there. The Wix Owner app allows you to manage all aspects of your business on-the-go. Learn more about how you can manage your restaurant with the Wix Owner app.
Two screenshots of the Wix Owner app showing the Manage Orders screen and the New Order screen.

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Check out the course in Wix Learn about starting your restaurant site

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