Wix Restaurants: Setting Up Wix Restaurants Menus (New)

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Create the menu (or menus) you need for your business. Start by giving your menu a name and description (e.g. lunch menu) and then add all the menu sections you need (e.g. sandwiches, salads, beverages).
Once that's done, you can add individual menu items and customize them to suit your needs. For example, you can offer a salad with or without added chicken or in different sizes, and sell these variants at different price points. You can also add helpful labels, such as spicy or gluten-free. 
Using menus for online ordering?
To set up online ordering using the new menus app, you'll need the new online orders app.

Step 1 | Set up your menu

The new Wix Restaurants Menus app comes with a default menu complete with sections and menu items. Customize this menu to make it your own or add a new one. 
You can create as many menus as you need.
Owner app
  1. Go to Menus (New) in your site's dashboard.
  2. Select an option:
    • Click +Add New Menu.
    • Click the Edit icon  by the menu name.
Screenshot of the menu creation page with the Add New Menu button and the edit button beside the name marked
  1. Enter a menu name.
  2. (Optional) Enter a description for the menu.
    Tip: You can add line breaks to your descriptions.
  3. Select or deselect the Mark as a draft checkbox.
    Tip: When a menu is marked as a draft, it won't show in the Editor or your live site.
  4. Click Save.
If you created multiple menus, you can click the Show menu drop-down to select the one you want to view.

Step 2 | Set up your menu sections

Menus are usually divided into different sections, such as Appetizers, Main Course, Desserts and Beverages. 
Before adding menu items, it's a good idea to decide which sections you need and add them to your menu.
Owner app
  1. Select an option:
    • Click +Add Section.
    • Click the Edit icon  by the section name.
Screenshot of the menu creation page with the Add New Section button and the edit button beside the section name marked
  1. Enter a section name.
  2. (Optional) Enter a brief description of the menu section for customers to see on your live site.
  3. Click Save.
  4. Repeat steps 1-3 for each menu section.  

Step 3 | Add and customize your menu items

Now you can start filling your menu with the items that make up your business. 
You have to enter a name and price for your menu item. You can choose to hide prices in the Editor.
Owner app
  1. Select an option:
    • Click +Add Item.
    • Hover over one of the default menu items and click Edit.
Screenshot of the menu creation page with the Add Item button and the edit button beside the name marked
  1. Enter the name of the menu item (e.g. Caesar Salad).
  2. Enter a brief item description.
  3. (Optional) Add labels (e.g. Vegan, Gluten Free etc.):
    • Add an existing label.
    • Click + Add New Label to add your own label with an icon.
  4. Enter the base price of the menu item.
    Tip: The currency is set based on your settings in business info.
  5. (Optional) Add price variants:
    • Click the Set price per variant toggle to enable it.
    • Add variants (e.g. Small and Large) and enter the price of each variant. 
  6. Add an image or replace the default image:
    • Add an image: Click the Plus icon  to add an image.
    • Replace the default image: Hover over the image and click the update icon to add an image.
  7. Click Add to section.
  8. Repeat steps 1-7 to add additional items.


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