Wix Restaurants: Setting Up Your Restaurant Address and Phone Number

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When setting up your restaurant, you are required to enter your street address. This field is integrated with Google Maps and is used to determine your restaurant's default language and currency. You are also required to enter a phone number.
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Check out the course in Wix Learn about starting your restaurant website

To set up your restaurant's address and phone number:

  1. Go to Business Info in your site's dashboard.
  2. Scroll down to Location and enter your restaurant's address:
    • Address: Start typing your restaurant's street address and select it from the drop-down list.
    • Address Description: (Optional) Enter an address description to help customers find you (e.g. rear entrance).
    • Location Name: Enter a name for this restaurant location.
  3. Enter your restaurant's contact details:
    • Email: Enter your restaurant's email address.
    • Phone: Enter your phone number.
    • Fax: Add your fax number.
  4. Click Save.
Once you've entered your restaurant's address, make sure that the red pin is displayed on the map.
Click here to find out how to change your restaurant's opening hours. You can also change your Restaurant's name in Business Info.

Issues with your restaurants address or phone number

If there is a problem with the address or phone number, you may receive the following error messages:
  • Hmm.. we can't find that address: In some locations, Wix Restaurants might be unable to locate your exact address. When this is the case, enter the name of the city (or country) only. You can add the full address in the Address Description.

  • Make sure you have added your restaurant's phone number correctly: 
    • Enter an area code that matches your restaurant's location. For example, a restaurant located in New York City cannot have a New Jersey area code.
    • Enter your phone number as it would be dialed locally (i.e, without the country code). For example, in New York, the phone number would be 917-555-5555, not +1-917-555-5555.
    • If for any reason, you would like to enter a phone number for a location not in the same city, state, or country as the restaurant's address (for example a chain restaurant with a central phone number), enter the appropriate area code as if you were dialing the number from the restaurant's location.
    • The system does not accept fake phone numbers.