Wix Multilingual: Translating Text, Buttons and Links

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You can translate text, buttons and links on your site with Wix Multilingual. Choose whether to use the Translation Manager in the dashboard, or head over to your editor to see how your translations look on the page.
Before you begin:
Add and set up Wix Multilingual on your site and translate it in the Translation Manager
A screenshot of the Wix Studio editor Multilingual app in a website during editing mode

To translate text, buttons and links:

Wix Editor
Studio Editor
  1. Go to your editor.
  2. Click the Switch languages drop-down menu at the top of the editor. 
  3. Select the language you want to edit. 
A screenshot of clicking the Switch Languages drop-down at the top of the Wix Editor.
  1. Select the text element you want to translate in your page.
  2. Click Edit Translation or Auto-translate to enter or edit the translation.
    Note: Currently, collapsible text can only be translated manually.
  3. (Optional) Design the element in your secondary language.
  4. (Optional for buttons and links) Click the Link icon  to change the link.
  5. (If the secondary language is still hidden) Make this language visible on your site:
    1. Go to Multilingual in your site's dashboard.
    2. Click the Status drop-down next to your language and select Visible.
A screenshot of the Wix Multilingual Language Dashboard

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