Wix Multilingual: Adding and Setting Up Wix Multilingual

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Use Wix Multilingual to display your content in different languages, so visitors around the world get the most out of your site. 

You can add Wix Multilingual to your site from inside your Editor or through the App Market. Start by selecting your main site language as the language your visitors will first encounter, and add secondary languages as needed. 

Step 1 | Add Wix Multilingual

First add Wix Multilingual to your site. You can add the app directly from your Editor or the App Market and continue working on your site.

Step 2 | Set up the app

Next, set up the app. Choose your site's main and secondary languages and adjust their flags to suit your locale. You can also decide to your make your secondary language visible or keep it hidden until you're completely finished translating.

To set up the app:

  1. Select your main site language from the First, what's your site's main language? drop-down and change the flag of your locale, if needed.
    Note: Your main site language is the default language for visitors viewing your site and cannot be changed after selection.
Screenshot of Set up your multilingual site options.
  1. Click Continue.
  2. (In the Multilingual dashboard) Select your secondary site language from the Language drop-down and change the flag of your locale, if needed.
    Note: You can add more languages later. 
  3. Click the Make your site visible to visitors toggle to make your secondary language visible or keep it hidden:
    • Enabled: Visitors will be able to see and browse your content in your secondary language once you publish. You can also do this later if you're not ready yet.
    • Disabled: Your secondary language is hidden until you are ready to display it on your live site.
  4. Click the Auto-translate site content toggle to translate your site automatically with third-party machine translation services, such as Google (default setting), or manually:
  5. Click Add Language
  6. Click Got It
  7. Exit the Multilingual dashboard to return to your Editor and work on your site.
Screenshot of Add a new language options in the Multilingual dashboard.

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