Wix Multilingual: Optimizing SEO Settings for Multilingual Sites

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Wix Multilingual lets you optimize your SEO settings for each language individually. This way, you can tailor your strategy for different locales and boost your online presence.
By default, Wix adds hreflang and x-default tags to the code of your site's multilingual pages. These are HTML attributes that can help tell search engines like Google the language and geographical targeting of a page. For example, when someone searches for your page, the hreflang tag helps the search engine find all the language versions of the page. It also helps search engines display the most appropriate version of your page based on the person's language and location.
In this article, you can learn how to optimize the SEO settings for the pages of your site's secondary languages.
You can also use the Wix SEO Wiz to get SEO recommendations for your site's main language. Learn more about the SEO Wiz

Step 1 | Choose Keywords in Your Secondary Language

Before defining any SEO settings, choose the three keywords that are most likely to reach people in your secondary language. These should clearly describe your business or the services you offer. They could be words, or groups of words, that a user in that locale would enter into search engines.
Keep your localized keywords in mind and use them in SEO settings for your secondary language. 
Want to learn more about keywords?
Check out this video on choosing the right keywords in the SEO Learning Hub.

Step 2 | Localize Your Page's SEO Settings

After choosing your keywords, get started by optimizing each page's SEO settings for your secondary language. 
Enter a page title and description in your secondary language for each and every page. This ensures that your site appears in search results for the relevant locales. 

Step 3 | Localize Your Images' Alt Text

Get your images found on Google and drive more traffic to your site by adding alt text. This text describes images to search engines, helping to match search queries with the most relevant results.
You can optimize your images for SEO by adding alt text to images in every language your site offers.
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One great way to improve your site's SEO is to create links, both to other pages on your site and to external pages as well. Wix offers a variety of linkable elements such as text, images, button, etc.
You can edit every element on your site to set a unique link for your secondary language. 
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