Improving Your Online Presence with the Wix SEO Setup Checklist

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The Wix SEO Wiz is a step-by-step checklist designed to help you get found online. The SEO Wiz gives you advice about the information your site needs to easily connect and verify your site with Google. After you've connected, the SEO Wiz helps get your site indexed quickly so that your site appears in search results. 
The SEO Wiz also gives you suggestions for improving your site's search engine optimization (SEO) so that your site ranks higher in search results.
Each step of the SEO Wiz gives you helpful tips in easy-to-follow tutorials. You can also track your success with achievement updates as you complete each step in your checklist.
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How the Wix SEO Wiz helps your site's SEO

You can use the Wix SEO Wiz to create a personalized checklist to improve your site's SEO and search engine ranking. It uses the information you provide about your business and the keywords that you add. By following the steps of your checklist, you can make sure your site is ready to connect to Google and optimize your site so that it ranks higher in search results. 
In the first part of your SEO checklist, you add the information that your homepage needs so you can connect your site to Google and verify it. This includes adding your homepage's title and description, integrating your keywords into your site's content, and optimizing your site for mobile devices.
In the second part of your checklist, you optimize your sites content to help improve its ranking in search engine results. Add your contact details, connect social networks, and add internal links to connect your homepage and your other pages. 
In the third part of your checklist, you can find useful information about improving your site to rank higher and learn how to hire a Wix SEO Partner to get expert advice from SEO professionals.
A screenshot of the SEO Setup Checklist

Creating your checklist with the SEO Wiz

You can create your own customized checklist in the SEO Wiz by answering just three questions. Enter the name of your business, select whether you serve your customers from a physical address or online, and add three keywords that describe your business and what you offer. That's it!
You can also use Wix's Semrush integration to help you find strong keywords for your site.

Important information about the SEO Wiz

Before you start using the SEO Wiz, we recommend reading the information below about some of its requirements and limitations. 
  • Your site must be connected to a domain to connect to Google Search Console through the SEO Wiz.
  • Only site owners and admin contributors can access the SEO Wiz. It is not available to back-office managers. Learn more about site contributor roles and permissions
  • The SEO Wiz does not analyze your blog or other business solution features like Wix Stores or Wix Music.
  • It is possible to skip a step and complete the steps after it. However, any step you skip will show as incomplete until you finish it. You also won't be able to complete your SEO Wiz until you finish all of the steps.

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You can read about Wix's great SEO features and how to use them in the Complete Wix SEO Guide.

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