Using Keywords on Your Site's Pages

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Keywords and search phrases are words, or groups of words, that a user enters into search engines in order to be matched with relevant content. Smart SEO is all about focusing on the keywords that are most likely to reach people who are genuinely interested in what you do. 

Best Practices for Keywords and Search Phrases:

  • Your keywords should appear throughout the content of your site. Use these words in your site's text in an organic way, keeping them in their correct context.
  • If you feel that a certain search phrase cannot be mentioned any more in your site content (organically), try adding more content to your site. Make sure that these additions contribute something of value to your site visitors.
  • Use keywords and search phrases that you want search engines to relate to your site.
  • Use keywords and search phrases that you think your site's potential visitors are entering in search engines to find you, your company, or the service you provide.
  • Each search phrase should be between 1 to 4 words.
  • Consider the amount of competition for a given keyword or search phrase and try to use specific and unique phrases. For example:
    • Broad terms with high competition for ranking: Jaguar, Car, California Dealerships 
    • More specific terms: Bob's Jaguar Dealership: Jaguar Dealership in East Bakersfield
  • Make the most of your content by using keywords and search phrases that contribute to your SEO.
Any edits or changes to your site must be crawled again by search engines before they appear in search results. If you want to try to speed up the process, you can submit your page's URL to search engines.

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