Connecting or Transferring a Domain Purchased Elsewhere to Your Wix Account

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Your domain is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website, for example,
You can connect or transfer a domain you've already purchased from another provider to your Wix site.  In this way, you can have more control over managing your domain details from one central location - your Wix account. 
Learn more about transferring vs. connecting a domain to your Wix account to learn which option suits your needs. 

Connecting a domain to your site

Connecting your domain to Wix (also known as “domain mapping”) means that the domain management stays with your current domain host, but the URL of your domain points to your Wix site. This means that when people type in your web address (e.g. they will be be brought to your Wix site. 

There are two ways in which you can connect your domain to Wix - via name servers or via pointing. The method you use to connect your domain determines where the DNS records of your domain are hosted. DNS (Domain Name System) records tell your domain where to go to load your website. 
If you want to connect a domain you already own to your Wix account, we strongly recommend you do so by changing its name servers.
Name servers vs. pointing:
Learn more about the differences between connecting your domain by name servers vs. by pointing.

Transferring a domain to Wix

If you’ve already purchased a domain from another provider, it may be possible to transfer that domain from its current registrar to Wix. This option, independent of a domain’s connection method, lets you manage not only your domain records at Wix, but also your contact information, DNS records, and your domain's registration payments. 
If you choose this option, your domain needs to meet certain conditions in order to be transferable. Read more about the conditions that need to exist before transferring your domain.
Most yearly Premium plans offer a one year free domain voucher that can be used to claim a new domain, or for one year of free registration when you transfer your domain to Wix.

Connecting secondary domains to your site

Your primary domain is usually the domain name you choose when you first purchase your domain from Wix. You can choose a different domain as your primary domain, but you can only have one primary domain.

Secondary domains redirect to your primary domain. You can easily connect secondary domains to this primary domain. You can add an unlimited number of Wix domains, or up to six externally-purchased domains, to a single Wix site. 
If you're connecting an additional domain purchased elsewhere, you must first connect the domain in your account before you can set it up to redirect to your primary domain.

Connecting subdomains to your site

A subdomain is a domain that is part of a larger domain. It is related to the main or root domain and is the portion to the left of your URL. (e.g. '' may be a subdomain that is part of your main domain URL '').  
You can connect subdomains in your Wix account. For example, if you own the root domain, you can connect to your blog website. Read our subdomains overview for more information. 
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