Pointing vs. Name Servers Domain Connection Methods

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There are two ways to connect a domain you purchased outside of Wix (i.e. from another domain host). Depending on where you want to store your DNS (Domain Name Systems) records, choose the method that suits you:
  • Name servers (recommended): Wix hosts your DNS (Domain Name Systems) records, so you can manage them directly from your account.
  • Pointing: Your domain host stores your DNS records on their platform.
Alternatively, instead of connecting your domain, you can transfer your domain entirely to Wix if you'd like to pay for your domain's registration and manage your DNS with Wix. Learn more about the difference between transferring vs. connecting your domain

Using the name servers connection method

In the name servers method, your domain's DNS records are hosted by Wix. We recommend connecting your domain to Wix via name servers, as you can manage your DNS records in your Wix account.
Click below to learn more about connecting your domain to Wix by name servers:
Domains purchased from Wix or transferred to Wix are automatically connected by name servers. 

Using the pointing connection method

In the pointing method, your domain is connected to your Wix site, but your domain's DNS records stay with your domain's host. This means you must contact the domain host if you're experiencing any issues with your DNS records. 
Click below to learn more about connecting your domain to Wix by pointing:
Keep in mind:
  • When connected via pointing, Wix is unable to help you manage your DNS records as they are hosted elsewhere. You'll need to contact your DNS host if you need assistance with your records.
  • Be sure to update your both your CNAME and A record with your domain host. If you don't, your site will not appear secure and your visitors may see this warning message:


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