Connecting a Domain to Wix Using the Pointing Method

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Create a website with Wix and connect an existing domain that you already own to it using the pointing method. This keeps your DNS hosted outside of Wix.
When you connect your domain by pointing, you continue to manage your DNS settings from your DNS host's account. We don't recommend pointing in most cases because we're unable to assist you with DNS issues. However, if your domain has complicated DNS records that you prefer not to reconfigure, pointing may be your best option.
Learn more about the differences between connecting your domain via name servers vs. pointing.
Before you begin:
You must upgrade your Wix site with a plan before you can connect your domain.

Step 1 | Add the domain to your Wix account

Before updating the DNS settings in your domain host account, you'll need to add the domain to your Wix account. 

To add your domain:

  1. Go to Domains in your Wix account.
  2. Click Add an Existing Domain.
  3. Click Connect a domain you already own.
  4. Select the site you want to connect your domain to and click Next.
  5. Enter the domain name and click Let's Go.
  6. Click Yes, I own this domain.
  7. Some domain providers support connecting your domain automatically. Depending on your provider, you may see different steps. Choose an option:
Some domains are eligible to be transferred to Wix. When you transfer a domain, Wix becomes your domain host and you can manage payments, contact information, and DNS records from your Wix account. Learn more about the difference between transferring and connecting a domain.

Step 2 | Update the DNS records in your domain host account

To finish the connection, you must update your domain's DNS records in your domain host account (usually the company you bought your domain from).

You will see a step-by-step outline in your Wix dashboard, which will help you to go through the steps to change the DNS records in your domain's current host account. 

Keep this Wix guidance page open and work through the steps on the domain host's account. The steps will tell you everything you need to know, including the records you should use.

To update your DNS records in your host account:

  1. Log into your domain's current host account:
    1. Open a new tab in your browser.
    2. Go to your domain host's site and log in.
    3. Go back to the step-by-step outline in your Wix dashboard.
      Image of Wix step-by-step outline for connecting an external domain by the pointing method.
    4. Click I logged in.
  2. Find your domain settings page:
    1. Go to the domains page on your domain host's site.
    2. Find your domain and go to the settings panel.
    3. Return to the step-by-step outline in your Wix dashboard.
    4. Click I found my domain settings.
  3. Find your DNS Records:
    1. In your domain settings, find the area where you manage or edit DNS server records.
    2. Return to the step-by-step outline in your Wix dashboard.
    3. Click I found the DNS records.
  4. Replace your DNS records:
    1. On your domain host's site, replace your current records with the Wix DNS records provided on the Wix domains page.
      Note: The DNS records may be different for you than those in the image below. Please use the DNS records that you see in your domains page.  
    2. Return to the step-by-step outline in your Wix dashboard.
    3. Click I updated my records.
If you're having trouble updating your DNS records, contact your domain host for assistance. For your convenience, we've created this email template to help you explain what you need to do. 
Be sure to update both your CNAME and A record with your domain host. If you don't, your site will appear unsecure and your visitors may see this warning message:

Image showing message

Step 3 | Wait for your domain to propagate

Your work is done. It may take up to 48 hours for your domain's new DNS records to propagate and your site to appear worldwide. Learn more about domain propagation.

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