Flushing Your DNS

Your computer's operating system regularly caches the DNS lookup of domain names, saving their IP addresses. When the IP address of your domain changes (e.g., when you connect your domain to Wix), your operating system may look up the cached data it has stored instead of the new DNS settings resulting in your site failing to load.

If it's been at least 48 hours since you updated your domain's DNS settings correctly, and you can't see your site live on your domain, try clearing your browser's cache. If you're still unable to view your site on your domain, follow the directions below to flush your DNS. 
You can perform a DNS lookup to make sure the correct DNS records for your domain are resolving to servers around the world. 

Click below for instructions on flushing your DNS:

Still not able to view your live site on your domain?
Review the Wix Domain Assistant to make sure your domain is properly connected. 

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