Switching Your Primary and Redirected Domains

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Your primary domain is the main address (URL) for your site. Any additional domains you connect to your site redirect to your primary domain. You can set a redirected domain as your primary domain at any time, which in turn makes your primary domain a redirected domain.

To set a redirected domain as your site's primary domain:

  1. Go to your Domains page.
  2. Click Set as Primary next to the domain you're setting as your primary domain.
  1. Click Set as Primary Domain
Allow 24 hours for the redirection to propagate:
For the first 24 hours, the site is available under two domain names (both the primary and redirected domain). After 24 hours, the URL in your browser's address bar changes to your primary domain when you enter your redirecting domain's URL.
If you get an error message, check to make sure you've properly connected both your primary and redirected domains to Wix. Click here to troubleshoot your connections. 

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